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    40k Cavitation Vacuum Liposuction RF Roller Tripolar Slimming Machine HKS-1200


    Cavitation & bipolar RF handpiece adopts frontier synchronous cyclic wave technology producing alternant positive and negative pressure acting onto the cell membrane by giving 40KHz high vibration energy liquefied the fat cell on the basis of cavitation theory lower down the resistance of fat tissue which makes the RF energy go deeper Millions time week alternation oscillating in each seconds ionizes the fat layer depletes the fat cell finally transfer the fat cell into water and CO2 which will be ejected out the body and at the same time lymph circulation is enhanced Body shaping and detoxifying result could be expected a better slimming result is achieved.

    Tripolar RF handpiece adopts advanced output mode which could treat the tissue more accurately enhance blood circulation generate more collagen at the same time protect the epidermis with cooling heat up the dermal layer but keep the epidermis at normal temperature The dermal layer could be heat up to 45\'C-60\'C to generate more collagen increase the thickness giving wrinkle removal skin tightening and lifting results.

    Vacuum &RF handpiece combined 1MHz RF with vacuum treatment gives more accurate & positioning treatment and heat up to fat tissue accelerate blood circulation collagen production At the same time the handpiece gives cooling to protect epidermis .Finally more collagen is produced wrinkle disappears skin becomes tight and firm.High power vacuum gives massage to fat tissue in different depth to dissolve fat tissue reduce cellulite smooth the lymph gland Fat cell is dissolved into fatty acid and toxin ,which will be ejected out of the body by lymphatic system to give instant slimming result .This handpiece is designed for deep fat dissolving fat melting detoxifying skin tightening and body shaping.

    Cryotherapy can selectively damage subcutaneous fat while the skin remains intact Based on this premise namely fat cells are more easily damaged by cooling than skin cells cryolipolysis was developed appling cooling to tissue via thermal conduction in a controlled fashion selecting temperature level and exposure to avoid skin damage or frostbite resulting only to damage to the underlying fat cells


    Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world vaccum bipolarRFand Triplar RF and cooling treatment perfect combination
    Suitable for all kinds of skin
    Comfortable painless woundless during the treatement
    Easy operation easy study
    Nonexhaustion low cost investment and quick high returns


    Free operation non-anaesthetic
    No ruggedness
    No bleeding tumidness and bruise
    No side effects good effects no rebounding phenomenon
    Woundless will not influence the nomal working and living


    1. The face neck anti-aging
    2. Shrink pores whitening
    3. The reduction the orange peel organization
    4. Tightening skin strengthening
    5. Promoting metabolism blood circulation
    6. Repairing pit wrinkle
    7. Replenishing moisture content
    8. Decrease the excessive water and piled fat
    9. Removing stomach wrinkle
    10.Complementing collagen Recovering resilience
    11.Body slmming


    Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz

    RF Freqency :0.5-10KHz

    VaccumIntensity : 50L/min

    Cooling Intensity : 1-10℃

    Voltage :110v
    120v/60HZ 220v
    (Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) version are available. We will ship right voltage version to right region if buyer doesn\'t specify it.)

    Power: 300W


    1 Tripolar RF Headpiece for body x 1
    2 Tripolar RF Headpiece for face X 1
    3 Cryotherapy Headpiece
    4 40KHz Cavitation + Dipolar RF X 1
    5 Auto vacuum Headpiece +Dipolar RF for body X 1

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